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Bellhop’s mission is to maximize convenience, accessibility, and ease for our users. Think of us as your personal assistant, or bellhop— handling the logistical heavy lifting of aggregating ride providers and sorting them to help you choose the best ride. With Bellhop, every ride is the best ride available.


Our mission is to make your life easier, to save time and money on every ride you take by giving you more choices. As the author Stephen Covey once said, “There are three constants in life… change, choice and principles.” Bellhop is here to change the
way you ride. To give you greater choice on how you ride. But above all, our core principle and that one word that sets us apart is transparency.

Our mission is to provide the consumer with transparency. Think back to the days when you booked a flight direct with an airline or through a travel agent when there was zero transparency to the consumer. Then Kayak came along and gave us the ability
to compare airline pricing and the freedom to choose. Sure, some airlines didn’t like it at first and who can blame them, they had it easy until then. But over time everyone jumped on board and transparency won. The consumer won. Transparency breeds
competition, not just in prices, but quality of service, additional services, customer service and many other areas.

Bellhop‘s mission is to bring that same level of transparency and overhaul the ride share market. We know it won’t be easy and it won’t happen overnight but if you want to fight for change, for choice and for transparency then you’ve come to the right
place. We’re not aligned with any one ride share company – we see everyone as equals. In fact the market is growing so quickly there’s plenty of room for healthy competition and more ride share companies will no doubt enter the market, making the need
for Bellhop even greater. We love all rideshares equally, big or small and hope to work with everyone to accomplish our mission.

At the end of the day, who wants to open a dozen different apps on their phone to compare pricing every time you want to grab a ride. You can’t, it’s impossible. Apps just aren’t built to co-exist like that. And how can you even know the top ride shares
when you land in LA, Paris, or travel to China. There are over 250 rideshare apps globally already. That number is expected to at least double over the next few years. So that’s why we built Bellhop – one app that gives you all the information you need
to get the best ride at the best price.

Can we get you home quicker? Yes. Can we find you a car when you regular rideshare has none available – we definitely hope so! Can we save you money? A double yes. Can we get rid of price surging? Almost, but we can at least show you alternative options
that may be much cheaper. In short we give you choice where none existed before.

We’ve been inundated with incredible support since we launched our mission. Please help us spread the word and share our app with your friends, family and everyone you have ever met – there’s a referral option in the app you can use. With your help we
will make choice and transparency the new norm for ride shares and the consumer will prevail.