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Frequently asked questions

What is Bellhop?

Quite simply Bellhop gathers up multiple ride hailing apps worldwide under one roof to provide full transparency on pricing, wait time and other features. So you get more choice and the power to save time and money by making smarter decisions. Need the quickest ride? No problem. Need the cheapest? Bellhop’s got you covered. Your favorite ride hailing app shows no cars? Bellhop gives you more choices to get you where you’re going. We’ve designed the app to make your life easier. And best of all, Bellhop is free to use.

Does this work in my city?

Bellhop already has multiple ride hailing apps set up in its system so chances are it will work in your city. Across most major cities in the US Bellhop will have multiple providers. Our reach equals the reach of all of our supply partners combined. But we are still young and growing rapidly so there are some cities that for various different reasons have unique ride hailing platforms. We’re working tirelessly day and night to incorporate new feeds all the time and appreciate your patience and feedback as we roll these out. We hate red tape as much as you do and our scissors are out.

What's the cost to use Bellhop?

Bellhop is completely free to use. No charge. Nada. Gratuit, gratis, livre, свободно, gratuito, besplatno, falas….Yes it’s free.

I love my current ride hailing App. Why should I use Bellhop?

Think back to the time before Kayak and Expedia when you would go to multiple airline websites or just go to your favorite and never knowing whether you got a good deal or not. Then price comparison shopping came along and became the norm. That is now happening to on-demand services like ride hailing. Until you start comparing and see what others are offering you’d be surprised just how much time and money can be wasted when you just use one service. Of course you can still use your regular/favorite ride hailing service at the same price. But we give you more options and the ability to know you’re getting the best ride for you. So give us a try – you have nothing to lose apart from a happier and easier life.

Is my data secure?

Yes – Bellhop uses the latest encryption technologies and does not store credit card details on it’s servers. Please see our Privacy Policy for more information.

How do I get Bellhop on my phone?

Bellhop is available on both iphone and Android devices. Follow the download links on the homepage or click here for Android and here for iOS. Once you download, simply follow the setup instructions and you can be requesting a car in under a minute.

Do I need to still download multiple ride hailing Apps and register before I can use Bellhop?

Bellhop has been specifically designed to make your digital life easier. We’re working closely with multiple service providers to make your experience as easy as possible. Right now you just need to connect your Lyft account once and you can book seamlessly through Bellhop. For other apps, such as Uber, Juno and Arro for example, you will be redirected to the underlying app to complete the booking once you choose the best ride for you within Bellhop.

What's the benefit of Bellhop versus downloading multiple individual apps?

Think of Bellhop as the window to your transportation needs. You can quickly and very easily compare ride providers all within our app in real-time. Ever tried to open multiple apps to compare? It’s not easy and takes much longer. Quite simply Bellhop helps you decide which ride is best for you and enables you to make that decision quickly.

Are you hiring?

Bellhop is always looking for very talented individuals to join our team. We look for people who go above and beyond and think not just outside the box, but who are so far away from the box you need a telescope to see it. If you think you have what it takes, send us a note about why you are so awesome, what you can bring to the team, along with your resume and anything else that sets you apart. You can email us at

Where does the name come from?

Great question. Bellhops have been around for over 100 years providing customers with the best possible services to make their lives easier. That’s our philosophy too. We want to give you easier access to the major on-demand services and quite simply make navigating the digital world easier, more accessible and best of all better value.

Do consumers pay more on Bellhop compared to booking directly on each app (e.g. Uber or Lyft)?

No. Consumers pay the same price on Bellhop as they would pay if they were to book directly on a partner app.

I love what you are doing. Tell me more.

Thanks, so do we. Bellhop is launching in the transportation sector but that is just the start. We are firm believers in giving the consumer (that’s you and us) greater choice. Right now it’s impossible to compare multiple services and so you never know if you are overpaying, waiting too long or just putting up with second rate options. So that’s why we are here, to disrupt the traditional App market and give everyone greater choice which should lead to greater competition. We all know competition leads to prizes… and who doesn’t love a prize?

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